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Waterford Artisan Signing Event


Artisan Signing Event | BC Clark Northpark
Friday, November 4, 11a-4p


This event will be your chance to experience everything that the Waterford name has come to represent. Master Artisan, Tom Brennan will be spending the day with us, discussing his craft, and sharing his wisdom and in-depth knowledge of the Waterford brand.

Brennan, a native of Waterford, Ireland has a rich history with the art of crystal craftsmanship. He has dedicated his life to the craft and will be with us for the day to answer questions, showcase his latest design, and personally sign your Waterford purchases.

Waterford Pre-Sale 20% off | Oct 21 – Nov 4

Purchase any Waterford item early for best selection, and we will hold your purchases for signing* on the fourth.

*Waterford Marquis items are not eligable for signing.

First edition 9" Bowl and 10" Vase
First edition 9″ Bowl and 10″ Vase

From the House of Waterford Crystal’s Designer Gallery, Master Artisan and Waterford Spokesperson Tom Brennan brings us the first edition in Tom Brennan’s Ireland, a series inspired by Tom’s wide-ranging travel experiences and heartfelt connection to his native soil.

These handmade first edition 10″ Vase  and first edition 9″ Bowl feature a radiating sunburst pattern, a symbolic representation of the idea that a single good deed received should be freely given forward to others, for the ultimate benefit of all.

 2016 Fall Events

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