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Penny Preville: Amulet Collection

First inspired by the sparkling treasures in her grandmother’s jewelry box, Penny Preville has emerged as an award winning jewelry designer, whose signature style is defined by femininity, luxury, and an eye for intricate detail.

Preville studied art design and jewelry making from an early age through college and soon began selling signature designed jewelry that would come to be her namesake collection. Fusing old world techniques and details with a contemporary sensibility, Preville’s collections strike a balance between elegance, fashion, innovation and “wearability.”

“I’m inspired by the world around me. I study past and present cultures and ancient civilizations, along with nature, the arts, and fashion. I romance these elements, making them feel fresh for a contemporary woman.” -Penny Preville

The Amulet Collection

The Amulet Collection celebrates the very best of the Preville aesthetic, while bringing in an old-world style that will surely stand the test of time. The Penny Preville Amulet Collection can be found at all three BC Clark locations.

Downtown   |  Penn Square  | Northpark
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Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14! Have you found the perfect way to tell mom just how amazing she is?

Of course, flowers are a must, and a card, and perhaps something made by hand. But when Sunday brunch has come and gone, and you’ve told her just how much she means to you, wouldn’t you like to be able to give her one more gift that will last throughout the year? A daily reminder of the love and admiration you hold for her.

Come in to any one of our three OKC locations and let us help you find that perfect gift. To get things started, we’ve put together a few of our favorite gift ideas for mom. You can browse the images to the left to take a closer look with descriptions and pricing.

Gift Ideas for Mom

Come let us help you make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

And if you’re feeling adventurous, remember that our annual Pay it Momward event has begun! It’s BC Clark’s unique and fun way of wishing Oklahoma Moms a Happy Mother’s Day, and it is going on now through Mother’s Day!

Head to to join in on the city-wide hunt for Mother’s Day goodies. We’ll be dropping a different surprise for moms every day this week. 

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Jewelry is the Gift to Give

You know the song. You can practically sing it in your sleep. “Jewelry is the gift to give…”

bcc_christmas_jingle_60-yearsAnd while we love the fact that everyone knows our Jingle by heart, we also want to remind everyone that it’s TRUE! Jewelry really is the best gift to give, for a number of reasons.

This time of year everyone begins scouring stores, looking for the perfect gift, that special way to say “I love you.”

May we suggest suggest a gift that will last a lifetime?

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The “Y” Necklace: Now Trending

The “Y” Necklace is Everywhere!

To say that this look is “now trending” is quite an understatement. From the red carpet, to the runway, to the beach, pop culture icons are using this fashionable little accessory as an excuse to drop their necklines a bit and turn heads when they hit the town! Paired with the right dress, or more conservatively worn over a sweater, this look can be absolutely breathtaking.

It is a bold look, but when worn well, it can set you apart from the crowd with a classy and playful look.

And at BC Clark, we’ve provided a few stunning “Y” necklace options from top designers for you to choose from.  Come in and see these bold pieces for yourself!

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