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The Diamond Difference: Forevermark Diamonds

We hope you have enjoyed the last 5 weeks of The Diamond Difference Series as we’ve explained in great detail our diamond buying process. We are proud of the effort that we put into bringing Oklahoma only the best diamonds.

In our 6th and final installment, Coleman discusses our premier diamond collection, Forevermark® by DeBeers.  Each Forevermark diamond comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.

These diamonds are truly unique, and when combined with our Gravity Collection, provide our customers a truly exclusive diamond jewelry experience.

Forevermark Diamonds: Week 6

We are proud of the fact that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds of worthy of carrying the Forevermark distinction. Experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute carefully inspect every diamond, going beyond the technical qualities of the 4Cs to hand-pick only those diamonds that are truly beautiful. And as we’ve always promised here at BC Clark, we inspect these diamonds even further to ensure that we bring nothing but the best to our showrooms.

Every Forevermark diamond receives an inscription that represents our promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Invisible to the naked eye, this inscription includes theForevermark icon and a unique number, making each Forevermark diamond as special as the promise made when it is given or received.



The Diamond Difference: Gravity Collection

We are now in Week 5 of our The Diamond Difference video series. For the last 4 weeks we have been taking our blog readers through the process of diamond purchasing, from hand-selecting the best diamonds, to certifying them through the industry’s most respected labs, to constructing beautiful jewelry right here in our own jewelry department.

This week Coleman discusses a truly unique collection found nowhere else in the world, The BC Clark Gravity Collection.

Gravity Collection: Week 5

Carrying only the best diamonds is a claim that we are proud to make, but at BC Clark we like to take it a step further. We are also honored to be able to share with you a collection of engagement rings and wedding bands found nowhere else in the world.

Sure, we carry many of the top designer names in engagement rings, but our Gravity Collection has quickly become our top selling line. Why? We like to think that it is because these rings are not only beautifully crafted, they are also truly exclusive to BC Clark.

Our Gravity Collection combines craftsmanship, beautiful hand-picked diamonds, and a classic look to bring our customers extremely affordable quality. Each ring is made in the USA and includes the BC Clark inscription which serves as our seal of quality to you.


Big Diamond Sale | July 11-23

Every size of diamond will be on sale!

BCC_FTHOK_LogoWe make a lot of bold promises about our diamonds. We are confident that you won’t find a better collection anywhere in Oklahoma. But don’t take our word for it! Come in to find the diamond of your dreams at the best price of the year. Enjoy even deeper discounts on diamonds 1-carat and larger.

Trade up for a larger diamond!

How do we prove the quality of our diamonds? Simple. We’ll gladly allow you to trade your current BC Clark diamond back to us and give you its full value toward a newer, bigger diamond. And if you have a diamond that is not from BC Clark, we can consider it for trade as well.

Hand-picked straight from the source.

And of course, you have the BC Clark promise that all of our diamonds are hand-picked from responsible, ethical sources and brought to you directly from the cutter. It’s why we are able to offer such incredible pricing for such amazing diamonds.

Do your homework! Know the Diamond Difference

bcc_blog-diamond-difference_1024Buying a diamond is a big decision. And we want you to be informed about the process before you come see us. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you! Our Diamond Difference Video Series will take you though our buying process and explain why a diamond from BC Clark is unlike any diamond you’ll find in OKC.

The Big Diamond Sale is Happening at All Three BC Clark Locations

Downtown   |  Penn Square  |  Northpark
05.232.8806      405.840.1441     405.755.4040

GRAVITY™ Forever

A few weeks ago we ran a featured blog post about the Forevermark Promise, a truly one-of-a-kind assurance of quality from our partners at De Beers. The Forevermark promise is the perfect representation of the quality, integrity, and excellence that you have come to expect from BC Clark.

Courtesy of Forevermark
Courtesy of Forevermark

We felt that such an incredible diamond deserved an equally incredible setting. It’s why we worked so diligently to bring you the GRAVITY Forever line. These beautiful rings are a seamless blending of the Forevermark quality and the elegance and style of BC Clark.

The GRAVITY Forever line is the perfect representation of BC Clark’s pursuit of excellence and our desire to truly bring our customers designs that they will find nowhere else.

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