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Giving to a Community of Faith

The BC Clark family has long held faith and family as a top priority when it comes to how we run our business.

These values were established by our founder BC Clark, Sr. and have continued through four generations. It is why we choose to be closed on Sundays, and why we continue the tradition of our church coupon program, to help give back to the community that has supported us for nearly 125 years.

When you make a purchase at any of our three BC Clark locations, ask your salesperson to provide you with a “Church Coupon,” and 3% of your purchase price will go to the local church of your choice.

Twice a year, we proudly send out checks to over a hundred local churches. The checks are designated to support the women’s ministry of the church, as B.C. Clark, Sr. intended it many, many decades ago when he developed the program.

This small gesture is just another way that BC Clark Jewelers hopes to thank you, Oklahoma, for allowing us to be your family jeweler.

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Family Friday Winner!

Congratulations to Judy McGee and Family!

This Black Friday, we honored our BC Clark Jewelers family of employees by giving them an extra paid day off to spend with family. Some might call it a bold move to close for business on a day referred to as “the biggest shopping day of the year,” but we felt it was simply the right thing to do. So, we declared Black Friday to now be renamed as Family Friday!


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Big Diamond Sale | July 11-23

Every size of diamond will be on sale!

BCC_FTHOK_LogoWe make a lot of bold promises about our diamonds. We are confident that you won’t find a better collection anywhere in Oklahoma. But don’t take our word for it! Come in to find the diamond of your dreams at the best price of the year. Enjoy even deeper discounts on diamonds 1-carat and larger.

Trade up for a larger diamond!

How do we prove the quality of our diamonds? Simple. We’ll gladly allow you to trade your current BC Clark diamond back to us and give you its full value toward a newer, bigger diamond. And if you have a diamond that is not from BC Clark, we can consider it for trade as well.

Hand-picked straight from the source.

And of course, you have the BC Clark promise that all of our diamonds are hand-picked from responsible, ethical sources and brought to you directly from the cutter. It’s why we are able to offer such incredible pricing for such amazing diamonds.

Do your homework! Know the Diamond Difference

bcc_blog-diamond-difference_1024Buying a diamond is a big decision. And we want you to be informed about the process before you come see us. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you! Our Diamond Difference Video Series will take you though our buying process and explain why a diamond from BC Clark is unlike any diamond you’ll find in OKC.

The Big Diamond Sale is Happening at All Three BC Clark Locations

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OKC is for Lovers: Putting Love on the Map

This Valentine’s Day, take the time to create and share a memory with someone you love.


This time of year we like to ramp up our OKC is for Lovers campaign as a way to celebrate love all over our great city. Every day, love happens all around us. OKC is for Lovers is a map-based web app that provides a bird’s eye view of those memorable moments and the locations where they took place.

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A Proposal From the Heart of Oklahoma

The new year has a lot of us thinking about new beginnings, about starting a life with someone we love. At BC Clark, we know a thing or two about helping you make that special moment absolutely perfect.

And while we feel very confident that a ring from BC Clark will be the perfect way to say “Marry me,” we also know that the location is a vital piece to a perfect proposal.

BCC_FTHOK_LogoSo we’ve decided to share our top picks for great places to pop the question. Of course, this not the end-all list of beautiful spots in OKC, so we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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At the Crossroads of Commerce

This past November, BC Clark Jewelers was honored to be included in the “Crossroads of Commerce: A History of Free Enterprise in Oklahoma” at the Oklahoma History Center. The exhibit tells the story of economic development in Oklahoma through five time periods from 1716 to the present day.

In each section, the exhibit sets the stage of history with the challenges and opportunities that ended one era and began another (this according to

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From the Heart of Oklahoma TV Campaign

If you’re one of our loyal Facets Blog readers (thank you, by the way!), you know how proud we are of our new From the Heart of Oklahoma TV campaign and everything it stands for – our Oklahoma roots, our commitment to the local community, and our promise to always bring you hand-selected diamonds from responsible, ethical sources.

To say precisely that (with some added flair and Clark Family candor), we produced and are currently running three 30-second From the Heart of Oklahoma television spots.

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80s Diamond Jingle

Our From the Heart of Oklahoma campaign has come to represent a lot of things. Yes, it is our promise that our jewelry is hand-selected and responsibly sourced with you in mind. But more importantly, it is a reminder that the BC Clark family is honored to be a part of the history of our great state.

And speaking of history, we’ve managed to dig up one of our classic Diamond Source jingles from the 1980s, and we couldn’t help but share it. Our brand and commercials have come a long way since then!

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GRAVITY™ Forever

A few weeks ago we ran a featured blog post about the Forevermark Promise, a truly one-of-a-kind assurance of quality from our partners at De Beers. The Forevermark promise is the perfect representation of the quality, integrity, and excellence that you have come to expect from BC Clark.

Courtesy of Forevermark
Courtesy of Forevermark

We felt that such an incredible diamond deserved an equally incredible setting. It’s why we worked so diligently to bring you the GRAVITY Forever line. These beautiful rings are a seamless blending of the Forevermark quality and the elegance and style of BC Clark.

The GRAVITY Forever line is the perfect representation of BC Clark’s pursuit of excellence and our desire to truly bring our customers designs that they will find nowhere else.

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From the Heart of Oklahoma

B.C.’s Story

The secret is out. Our big, little city is a hotbed for young entrepreneurs, creatives, and forward thinkers. Oklahoma City continues to be listed among the best cities in America when it comes to cultivating start-ups.

And while the rest of the country is just now starting to fall in love with OKC, our great grandfather saw the potential in this area long before it was ranked among the best regions in America in the New York Times and Forbes Magazine. In fact, it was our unborn state’s potential that convinced Benton Clyde (B.C.) Clark to board a train from Kosciusko, Mississippi and head north for Indian Territory.

On a stopover in Purcell, a series of events would leave B.C. stranded, penniless, and jobless, but mainly, determined.

As luck would have it, B.C. Clark ran into a family friend while wandering the streets of Purcell. He convinced the gentleman to let him set up his watch counter and a small display case in the corner of his “racket” store, and the rest is history.


His tiny little counter in the corner of the “five and dime” soon began to grow, and young B.C. Clark opened his first store in 1892, repairing and inspecting watches for the railway men of the Santa Fe railroad company. His expertise and attention to detail soon became renowned among the railroad workers.

In a short amount of time, he had made a name for himself in Purcell, Indian Territory, the self-proclaimed Heart of Oklahoma.

In 1929, building off the successes he had seen as Oklahoma came into its own following statehood, an experienced B.C. stepped out of Purcell and decided to take a chance in the big city. He opened his first BC Clark Jewelry store in Oklahoma City in the shadow of the Great Depression, but his eye for quality and his mind for business kept his store afloat.

A Proud Legacy Continues

Today, Benton Clyde Clark’s tiny watch counter has produced three thriving OKC Metro stores and a legacy that still lives on.

It is this amazing story that serves as the inspiration for our new campaign, From the Heart of Oklahoma.

We feel that this simple phrase embodies everything that our family has stood for over the last 123 years. We take great pride in our roots in Purcell, The Heart of Oklahoma, and we value our humble beginnings there. It was in this amazing town that B.C. learned the value of hard work, quality relationships, and honest business.

That’s why we’ve always promised to bring you only the best hand-picked diamonds, ethically and honestly, straight from the source.

It was in Purcell that he first learned the “true pulse” of the people of Oklahoma. Above all else, Oklahoman’s are proud to be Oklahomans! The beating heart of Oklahoma is its people, and the BC Clark family is honored to be counted among them.

The beating heart of Oklahoma is its people, and the BC Clark family is honored to be counted among them.

For four generations, the BC Clark family has seen our city grow into a thriving hub of local business and industry. OKC has become the gold standard for how to grow a city. Our businesses champion one-another. Our community leaders build their reputations on fairness, integrity, and class. And our people have a fierce love of their great city. A love that is evident in everything we do.

So from our family to yours, please know that when we profess that BC Clark Jewelers is From the Heart of Oklahoma, we are saying it as a tribute to the communities that have helped us build our legacy. We are honored to be a part of the local tradition that makes our city great.

So here’s to you! You are the reason that we proudly say,

“We are BC Clark Jewelers,
From the Heart of Oklahoma.”BCC_FTHOK_Logo

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