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Paul Minton Goes Mining with Forevermark!

BC Clark is honored to announce that Paul Minton, Director of Operations, was recently named to the inaugural Forevermark Carat Club, an honor given to only the Top 17 Forevermark salespeople in the nation. As a result, Paul was awarded a very exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Ontario’s first diamond mine.

On August 17th, the members of the 2016 Forevermark Carat Club embarked on an expedition to the De Beers Victor mine in Northern Ontario, Canada. While at the mine, they experienced the journey of a Forevermark diamond first-hand.

Victor Mine- Forevermark Carat Club at De Beers Victor Mine Site
Paul and other Carat Club members posing at the entrance to the Victor mine in Ontario.

Club members toured the open-pit mine site and process plant, where more than 5.6 million carats have been recovered since the mine opened in 2008. The tour ended with a viewing of some of Victor’s rough diamonds, which are among the best quality diamonds in the world.

BC Clark is proud to employ the most highly educated diamond experts in the state, and Paul exemplifies our commitment to quality!

Following the trip to Victor mine, Paul was given the opportunity to fly to Sudbury, where he visited Forevermark Diamantaire Crossworks Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art cutting and polishing factory. Here, Paul and other Carat Club members experienced the next steps following the mine in the life of a Forevermark diamond.

Carat Club members also got to try their hands at the polishing wheel and feel what it takes to achieve the perfect combination of touch, angle, and rhythm to polish a facet on a diamond.


This is Forevermark

To say that we are honored to be partners with Forevermark would be an understatement. The DeBeers Group spans the globe in search of amazing diamonds, and we take great pride in being able to bring only the world’s finest diamonds to our customers, here in OKC.

We’ve talked a lot on the blog about the rigorous scrutiny and detail that goes into certifying a Forevermark diamond, and we feel confident that when you lay your eyes on one of these diamonds for the first time, you will immediately see the difference.

Forevermark has put together a beautiful video that carefully explains their “pursuit built on responsibility.” If you find this film to be as beautiful and informative as we do, then please come in and take a closer look at these mesmerizing diamonds, and let us help you take a piece of this amazing collection home.

Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are worthy of the Forevermark distinction, and we are proud to closely align ourselves with their values.

The Diamond Difference: Forevermark Diamonds

We hope you have enjoyed the last 5 weeks of The Diamond Difference Series as we’ve explained in great detail our diamond buying process. We are proud of the effort that we put into bringing Oklahoma only the best diamonds.

In our 6th and final installment, Coleman discusses our premier diamond collection, Forevermark® by DeBeers.  Each Forevermark diamond comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.

These diamonds are truly unique, and when combined with our Gravity Collection, provide our customers a truly exclusive diamond jewelry experience.

Forevermark Diamonds: Week 6

We are proud of the fact that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds of worthy of carrying the Forevermark distinction. Experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute carefully inspect every diamond, going beyond the technical qualities of the 4Cs to hand-pick only those diamonds that are truly beautiful. And as we’ve always promised here at BC Clark, we inspect these diamonds even further to ensure that we bring nothing but the best to our showrooms.

Every Forevermark diamond receives an inscription that represents our promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Invisible to the naked eye, this inscription includes theForevermark icon and a unique number, making each Forevermark diamond as special as the promise made when it is given or received.



Big Diamond Sale | July 11-23

Every size of diamond will be on sale!

BCC_FTHOK_LogoWe make a lot of bold promises about our diamonds. We are confident that you won’t find a better collection anywhere in Oklahoma. But don’t take our word for it! Come in to find the diamond of your dreams at the best price of the year. Enjoy even deeper discounts on diamonds 1-carat and larger.

Trade up for a larger diamond!

How do we prove the quality of our diamonds? Simple. We’ll gladly allow you to trade your current BC Clark diamond back to us and give you its full value toward a newer, bigger diamond. And if you have a diamond that is not from BC Clark, we can consider it for trade as well.

Hand-picked straight from the source.

And of course, you have the BC Clark promise that all of our diamonds are hand-picked from responsible, ethical sources and brought to you directly from the cutter. It’s why we are able to offer such incredible pricing for such amazing diamonds.

Do your homework! Know the Diamond Difference

bcc_blog-diamond-difference_1024Buying a diamond is a big decision. And we want you to be informed about the process before you come see us. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you! Our Diamond Difference Video Series will take you though our buying process and explain why a diamond from BC Clark is unlike any diamond you’ll find in OKC.

The Big Diamond Sale is Happening at All Three BC Clark Locations

Downtown   |  Penn Square  |  Northpark
05.232.8806      405.840.1441     405.755.4040

The Diamond Difference: Certificates and Grading Reports

The first two installments of our Diamond Difference Series have taken viewers through the diamond selection process and explained the importance that we place on a diamond’s cut. We hope that these videos have solidified our commitment to bring Oklahoma only the best hand-picked diamonds.

Certificates and Grading Reports: Week 3

In Part 3 of the series, we dive into the certification and documentation of the diamonds that we deem worthy of the BC Clark promise. In this video, Certificates and Grading Reports, Coleman explains the necessity of a diamond certificate as well as the importance of what lab provides that certification.

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Mother’s Day and Graduation Gift Ideas


April showers bring… Graduation and Mother’s Day gift buying occasions.

If the month of May is known for anything other than blooming flowers (and also allergies galore), it’s the two celebratory events that make moms tear up with non-allergy-related tears – Mother’s Day and graduation.

Chances are, this month you’ll find yourself in the position to give a mom and/or a graduate a heartfelt gift that adequately shows how much they mean to you. Between our Life:Style Department and our lines of world-famous timepieces and designer jewelry, we’re confident your mom or grad’s favorite gift is waiting at one of our three Oklahoma City jewelry stores.

These Mother’s Day and graduation gift ideas will make this May even more meaningful for moms and grads alike.

Diamond Ear Stud Sale!

The beautiful thing about diamonds, other than their brilliant sparkle, is that they hold their value. And at BC Clark, we love helping our customers find the perfect diamond. If you’ve purchased a diamond from us in the past, bring it in and you can apply the diamond’s original purchase price to the purchase of a new diamond!

And the month of April will be the perfect time to take us up on the offer.

April 11th-23rd is the Diamond Ear Stud Sale!

Come in and take advantage of our best prices of the year on all of our diamond ear stud sets.Picture 023

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See the Latest Luxury and Fashion Trends in the New BC Clark Magazine

The 2015/16 BC Clark Magazine is out just in time to help you build your holiday wish list. If you haven’t already received yours in the mail, stop by any BC Clark location to pick up a copy.

2015-2016-BC-Clark-Magazine-10 (1)

Inside, you’ll find articles, feature stories, and eye candy from our favorite designers and their newest lines – from the timepiece of choice for 007 to resurrection of Forevermark Diamonds’ A Diamond is Forever tagline.

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GRAVITY™ Forever

A few weeks ago we ran a featured blog post about the Forevermark Promise, a truly one-of-a-kind assurance of quality from our partners at De Beers. The Forevermark promise is the perfect representation of the quality, integrity, and excellence that you have come to expect from BC Clark.

Courtesy of Forevermark
Courtesy of Forevermark

We felt that such an incredible diamond deserved an equally incredible setting. It’s why we worked so diligently to bring you the GRAVITY Forever line. These beautiful rings are a seamless blending of the Forevermark quality and the elegance and style of BC Clark.

The GRAVITY Forever line is the perfect representation of BC Clark’s pursuit of excellence and our desire to truly bring our customers designs that they will find nowhere else.

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The Forevermark Promise


The Forevermark Promise means not only that each De Beers Forevermark diamond is beautiful and rare but also that it has been responsibly sourced. The Forevermark responsible sourcing standards apply throughout the entire journey of a Forevermark diamond, ensuring that each Forevermark diamond can be given or worn with pride.


It is an important element of the Forevermark promise that all diamonds are sourced from mines that not only comply with Forevermark’s strict political, financial, social and environmental requirements, but also actually benefit the communities in which they are operating.

Discover GRAVITY Forever, an exclusive collection of GRAVITY engagement rings featuring Forevermark diamonds, at


To assess this, Forevermark analyzes the impact on the local area, investigating areas such as health, education and training, investment in the local community infrastructure, and best practices regarding the local environment and ecology.

Countries where Forevermark diamonds are sourced continue to use revenues generated by diamonds to build a more prosperous future. Forevermark diamonds come from mines in countries such as Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Australia and Canada.

The Kimberley Process is an international certification program that was established in 2003 to prevent the sale of diamonds which are illegally traded to fund conflicts. While all BC Clark diamonds adhere to the industry standards and are certified to be “conflict free,” Forevermark’s sourcing standards have been developed to add assurance over and above the Kimberley Process, providing extra confidence.



Every Forevermark diamond receives an inscription that represents the promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.


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