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Diamond Ear Stud Sale

April 10th-22nd is the Diamond Ear Stud Sale!

The beautiful thing about diamonds, other than their brilliant sparkle, is that they hold their value. And at BC Clark, we love helping our customers find the perfect diamond. If you’ve purchased a diamond from us in the past, trade it back to us and you can apply the diamond’s original purchase price to the purchase of a new diamond!

And the month of April will be the perfect time to take us up on the offer.

Come in and take advantage of our best prices of the year on all of our diamond stud earrings.

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The Diamond Difference: Diamond Ear Studs

Selecting top quality diamonds is a time-consuming and detailed process. Our weekly video series, The Diamond Difference, has attempted to pull back the curtain and reveal the great lengths that BC Clark goes to in order to ensure that our customers have access to some of the best diamonds in the world.

Diamond Ear Studs: Week 4

For the last few weeks we’ve been discussing our buying process, the scrutiny with which we select our diamonds, and the certification process that each one of our diamonds undergoes. This week we take a look at how this commitment to quality applies to a specific type of jewelry, our diamond ear studs.

So what makes a pair of BC Clark diamond ear studs different from a pair of earrings from our competitors? It’s simple. We’ve gone out of our way to select top quality, loose diamonds. We match them by diameter, color, and clarity to ensure that they are the perfect compliment to each other.

Our in-house shop uses these beautiful, hand-selected diamonds to create truly unique pieces. Each pair is mounted to a high-quality backing, because we know the frustrations of losing an earring. These industry leading backs will help insure that your earrings will stay together while you are out on the town!

In short, by constructing these beautiful pieces in-house, we are providing quality control that you simply will not get at other jewelers. It’s all part of the BC Clark Diamond Difference.

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