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60 Years of the Jingle – Online Jingle Fun

In case you haven’t heard, this year marks the 60th Anniversary of our beloved BC Clark Jingle!

Since 1956, the Anniversary Sale Jingle has marked the beginning of the Holidays for thousands of Oklahomans. We’ve been told over the years that our Jingle has woven its way into the Holiday traditions of thousands of families across the state and around the world.

For many of you, the Christmas season does not officially begin until you hear the familiar melody. We receive emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls every year asking us when the Anniversary Sale Jingle is going to hit the airwaves.

Whether you live out of state, or you just don’t want to wait to catch it on the TV or radio, you can get your Jingle fix at anytime.

bcc_christmas_jingle_60-yearsWait. You didn’t know that The Jingle has its own website? No problem!

We’ll give you the overview here, so that when you’re ready to travel out to the website, you’ll be well prepared. There’s a lot to discover once you get there, and we’d hate for you to miss out on some of the features.

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