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Paul Minton Goes Mining with Forevermark!

BC Clark is honored to announce that Paul Minton, Director of Operations, was recently named to the inaugural Forevermark Carat Club, an honor given to only the Top 17 Forevermark salespeople in the nation. As a result, Paul was awarded a very exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Ontario’s first diamond mine.

On August 17th, the members of the 2016 Forevermark Carat Club embarked on an expedition to the De Beers Victor mine in Northern Ontario, Canada. While at the mine, they experienced the journey of a Forevermark diamond first-hand.

Victor Mine- Forevermark Carat Club at De Beers Victor Mine Site
Paul and other Carat Club members posing at the entrance to the Victor mine in Ontario.

Club members toured the open-pit mine site and process plant, where more than 5.6 million carats have been recovered since the mine opened in 2008. The tour ended with a viewing of some of Victor’s rough diamonds, which are among the best quality diamonds in the world.

BC Clark is proud to employ the most highly educated diamond experts in the state, and Paul exemplifies our commitment to quality!

Following the trip to Victor mine, Paul was given the opportunity to fly to Sudbury, where he visited Forevermark Diamantaire Crossworks Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art cutting and polishing factory. Here, Paul and other Carat Club members experienced the next steps following the mine in the life of a Forevermark diamond.

Carat Club members also got to try their hands at the polishing wheel and feel what it takes to achieve the perfect combination of touch, angle, and rhythm to polish a facet on a diamond.


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