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Our “Hidden Gem”

GEM Feature

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were excited to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our dear friends at Brides of Oklahoma magazine. They’ve put together an absolutely stunning 10th Anniversary issue.

Inside that issue, BC Clark is mentioned a few times, but there was one write-up that really got us excited. Consider it our “Hidden Gem.” The ladies at Brides of Oklahoma make a beautiful tribute to one of our favorite designers, Megan Thorne. And while we’ll never fall victim to claiming a “favorite” when it comes to the amazing designers that we carry, Megan holds a special place in our heart for a number of reasons.

Although she may “technically” be a Texas transplant, her Cowboy Orange blood allows us to claim her as a local.

“I’m from Texas, but I actually studied apparel design at Oklahoma State University! It was there that I took my first metal-smithing class as an elective—just for fun. Working with BC Clark feels like a full-circle moment for me, a true homecoming!”

One other hallmark of Megan’s approach to design that we really connect with is her desire to help customers create “modern heirlooms.” She may be a young designer, but she truly understands that that a well-crafted piece of jewelry can, and should, stand the test of time.

“…the ring you are creating now should be passed on to your loved ones later. I wear my own great-grandmother’s engagement ring and wedding band, and I can think of no higher honor than sharing in another family’s special moments. Thus, I am always mindful of distinctive, yet timeless design and quality craftsmanship, so that a ring can be treasured for generations to come.”

Megan’s commitment to design and craftsmanship is the driving force behind how she selects her materials. Much like BC Clark, Megan goes out of her way to use only ethically sourced stones and recycled metals. These values make it an honor to carry her breathtaking jewelry in our stores.

She touches every piece that comes off her line, and personally places her stamp of approval on all of her jewelry. It’s an attention to detail that places her in a class above the rest.

You can read the full story in Brides of Oklahoma below.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.56.31 AM

Are You Ready for the Big Day?

No. Not the big game. That’s come and gone!

Let this blog post serve as your final warning. It’s time to start finishing up those Valentine’s Day plans! And remember, the perfect romantic evening is always just a little more romantic when it ends with a special gift that shows you know her better than anyone else. We’d love to help you find that perfect token

We’ve hand selected a few items to showcase the beauty and charm of our Life:Style Collection. And of course, we provided some great ideas for jewelry as well. You can scroll through the images to the left of this post to get a small taste of the items we have curated for our customers.

And of course, our sales team would love to show you these items and more when you stop by any one of our three locations!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are ready and willing to show you why we proudly say that, “We are BC Clark Jewelers, from the HEART of Oklahoma. 

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February Giveaway


$695 | Sterling Silver Petite Pavé Diamond Pendant

Feb GiveawayThe February Giveaway comes to us from David YurmanThis beautiful sterling silver pendant will be the perfect accessory for a night out with your Valentine. February is the month of love, and we’re confident you’ll love how this little necklace looks around your neck!

Each month we publish a new monthly giveaway. Customers can register at any of our three BC Clark locations any time during the month, quickly and conveniently from our iPad kiosk.

We will randomly select a winner and notify him or her that they have won.

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Now Trending: Stackable Bands


Your jewelry should be as adaptable and dynamic as you are!

Whether worn on your right hand or stacked with your engagement ring, the trend is to mix metals and stones to add a pop of color or contrasting design elements. Mix and match daily to coordinate with your wardrobe or mood. We have an outstanding selection of bands at each of our stores.

Henri Daussi has perfected the art of stacking.

We would love for you to come in to any of our three locations and browse our collection of Henri Daussi stackable bands. We’re confident that we’ll be able to match you with the perfect set to accentuate your own personal style and flair.

HDaussi stack

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We’ve Got Dog Fever!


Nobody panic! This is one illness that we will gladly succumb to during these winter months. Forget the sniffles, aches, and pains of a winter cold. This season we’re all coming down with Dog Fever!

Dog Fever is an exclusive line of sterling silver jewelry dedicated to man’s best friend.

A collection which symbolizes a unique bond and makes the relationship between you and your dog even more special. A brand that is completely made in Italy. New to the USA, Dog Fever is an exciting collection of jewelry dedicated to those furry, lovable companions who make our life complete.

With over 45 breeds available, Dog Fever Jewelry is the ultimate fashion accessory for any dog lover! You can take a closer look at these beautifully crafted pieces in the image gallery to the left. Browse the gallery of images, and then come by our Northpark store to see more of the collection. We’re confident we’ll find the perfect piece for you and your pup.

These unique pieces are available only at BC Clark Northpark.


2017 Pantone Color of the Year


Greenery | 2017 Color of the Year

PANTONE-Color-of-the-Year-2017-Greenery-15-0343-leaves-2732x2048-1200x900At the close of 2016, The Pantone Color Institute named its color of the year for 2017. And this year the institute used their platform to make a bold environmental and political statement.

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.

Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.

At BC Clark, we pride ourselves on carrying designers who are constantly on the leading edge of fashion and cultural movements. And this year is no exception.

So, to celebrate this year’s color, we’ve highlighted a couple of items from David Yurman’s Chatelaine Collection that incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year. You can scroll through the images on the left to have a closer look.

If you like what you see (and we are confident that you will) drop by any of our three OKC locations to pick up one of these pieces for yourself!

“Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. 

Satisfying one growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose.”

-Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

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Patek Philippe | The World’s Finest at BC Clark


Since 1839, Patek Philippe has always aimed for perfection by creating timepieces of unrivaled quality and reliability, the uniqueness and exclusiveness of which makes them rare and precious pieces, a unique legacy to be handed down from one generation to the next. Experts agree these to be the finest timepieces in the world.


The unparalleled renown and prestige that Patek Philippe has acquired amongst connoisseurs is not due solely to the perfection of the watches and the resources of knowledge and skill contained in the workshops. This undisputed supremacy also stems from the consistency with which the company has applied its philosophy of excellence ever since it was founded in 1839.

View an assortment of the incredible Patek Philippe timepieces we carry on our website.


Jewelry is the Gift to Give


You know the song. You can practically sing it in your sleep. “Jewelry is the gift to give…”

bcc_christmas_jingle_60-yearsAnd while we love the fact that everyone knows our Jingle by heart, we also want to remind everyone that it’s TRUE! Jewelry really is the best gift to give, for a number of reasons.

This time of year everyone begins scouring stores, looking for the perfect gift, that special way to say “I love you.”

May we suggest suggest a gift that will last a lifetime?

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Special of the Month | November


$175 | Sterling Silver “King Chain” Necklace

This beautiful necklace isn’t called “The King” for no reason. You will quickly take command of any room with this stunning piece. The Holidays are rapidly approaching, and this necklace is the perfect gift for your loved one. Grab this $335 value, on sale for only $175.

Drop by one of our three locations to try one on. Each Special of the Month is available at all three BC Clark stores while supplies last.

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Special of the Month | October


$135 | Sterling silver 40″ Labradorite Bead Necklace

This understated necklace will look beautiful draped over your favorite Autumn sweater. The length of this necklace allows you to drape it twice around the neck to provide a wonderful layered look. Your Fall wardrobe will get an upgrade with this $200 value, on sale for only $135.

This one is sure to go quickly, so come on down to one of our three locations to try one on. Each Special of the Month is available at all three BC Clark stores while supplies last.

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