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Avenger Hurricane from Breitling



The Avenger Hurricane, from Breitling is a new chronograph that pushes all existing boundaries in terms of instruments for professionals. It has extreme performance, through the innovative use of Breitlight®, a world-first achievement on a watch case. 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel, but significantly harder.

It has extreme reliability thanks to the new Manufacture Breitling Caliber B12, a selfwinding chronograph with a 24-hour display as is customary in the military and among pilots. And it has extreme comfort, procured by an exclusive strap combining yellow rubber core and sides with a high- resistance black Military textile fiber exterior.

Avenger Hurricane Chronograph -$8,665

The Avenger Hurricane is available
at BC Clark Downtown. 



BC Clark: The Dad Outfitter


Sure, he tells really bad jokes. And he can be pretty annoying at restaurants. But when it comes down to it, Dad is an all-around good guy. He works hard, plays hard, and has always been there for you when you need him. So this year, instead of another coffee mug and paperweight, give him a gift that let’s him know he is one-of-a-kind.

Because this Father’s Day, Dad deserves a gift that is as thoughtful and well put-together as he is!

At BC Clark, we take a lot of pride in the items that we select for our Men’s Essentials Collection. Whether your dad is the outdoor adventurer, the dapper exec, or a connoisseur of fine libations, we’ve got the perfect way to help you celebrate him in style! We like to consider ourselves the Dad Outfitter.

We’ve selected a few items for you to look through here on the blog, but when it’s time to make a purchase, come down to any of our three OKC locations to browse our Men’s Essentials. We know you’ll be impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the collection.

And of course, you’ll want to take advantage of our amazing Watch Event, June 11-18 at all three locations, just in time for Father’s Day!

Downtown   |  Penn Square  |  Northpark
05.232.8806      405.840.1441     405.755.4040

Watch Event: June 11-18


At BC Clark, we’ve never been prone to overreacting or resorting to crazy, loud, over-the-top promotions. So it should probably catch your attention when we say that we are about to launch:

The Biggest Watch Sale of the Decade!

Do we have your attention now? Good! Our June Watch Event will feature the finest in Swiss-made watches at unbelievable prices. Just in time for Father’s Day!

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June Giveaway

June Giveaway

We are declaring June 2016 as Watch Month at BC Clark! And to drive the point home even further, our June Giveaway comes to you from Victorinox. This Swiss Army 41mm Chromo Classic watch is an amazing work of craftsmanship at a $775 value.

Victorinox Swiss Army 41mm

Each month we publish a new monthly giveaway. Customers can register at any of our three BC Clark locations any time during the month, quickly and conveniently from our iPad kiosk.

We will randomly select a winner and notify him or her that they have won. We will also announce the winner in our newsletter each month.

Swing by any of our BC Clark locations to see more of our amazing Swiss-made watches, and of course, you’ll want to take advantage of our amazing Watch Event, June 11-18 at all three locations!

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2015 Jim Thorpe Award Winner

Original caption: James Thorpe (1888-1953), athlete, shown in his football gear.  Head and shoulders photograph.

On February 2, Desmond King of the University of Iowa was awarded the 2015 Jim Thorpe Award, given to college football’s top defensive back. King finished the 2015 season, his junior year, a unanimous Consensus All American.

Thorpe Award 2-2-16
Desmond King and Mitchell Clark

He also tied the Iowa single- season record and ranked second in the nation with eight interceptions. He started all 14 games at cornerback for the Hawkeyes in 2015. King will return to Iowa for his senior season in 2016.

BC Clark Jewelers and Rolex joined together to present the Jim Thorpe Association a Stainless Steel and Platinum Yacht-Master watch valued at $12,350 to be given to King next year after his senior season with Iowa.

You can see this beautiful timepiece at any of our three OKC locations.

Downtown   |  Penn Square  |  Northpark
05.232.8806      405.840.1441     405.755.4040

From Left to Right: Gerod Holliman, 2014 Thorpe Winner; Coleman Clark; Desmond King; Mitchell Clark; Darqueze Dennard, 2013 Thorpe Winner
From Left to Right: Gerod Holliman, 2014 Thorpe Winner; Coleman Clark; Desmond King; Mitchell Clark; Darqueze Dennard, 2013 Thorpe Winner


Gentlemen, Start Your Planning!

Valentine's Day

First things first. Ladies, if you are reading this, get up right now and go get your husband, your boyfriend, your father, or any man in your life who you know is not ready for the big day. (We’ll wait.)

Now guys, let’s get serious.

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. You’ve made dinner reservations. Right? And ordered the flowers? And what about a babysitter? Don’t forget the hand-made card, the chocolate, and of course a special gift that reminds your true love exactly how special she is.

Overwhelmed? Of course you are. No worries, we’ve got ya covered. OK, so we can’t babysit for you, but we can help you plan an amazing evening.

Take a deep breath, sit down, and read through this post. We’ll turn you into a Valentine’s Day expert before you know it. Here is your local guide to the perfect Valentine’s Day. 

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See the Latest Luxury and Fashion Trends in the New BC Clark Magazine


The 2015/16 BC Clark Magazine is out just in time to help you build your holiday wish list. If you haven’t already received yours in the mail, stop by any BC Clark location to pick up a copy.

2015-2016-BC-Clark-Magazine-10 (1)

Inside, you’ll find articles, feature stories, and eye candy from our favorite designers and their newest lines – from the timepiece of choice for 007 to resurrection of Forevermark Diamonds’ A Diamond is Forever tagline.

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Bedlam Brothers


Football season is in full swing here in Oklahoma, and now that all the lackluster non-conference games are out of the way, it’s finally time for some real Big 12 football.

Which really means it’s now perfectly acceptable to start looking ahead to November 28… aka Bedlam Football.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our new officially licensed OU and OSU jewelry and men’s accessories.

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Shinola: Not Your Grandpa’s Shoe Shine

Courtesy of Shinola



Browse our Shinola collection at:

The original Shinola shoe polish brand was founded in Rochester New York in 1907, but the iconic brand came and went by 1960. In 2001, Bedrock Manufacturing acquired the name Shinola in hopes of using the familiar brand with future endeavors.

In 2011, the Shinola brand became the face of a new project to create an American-made watch that would rival the better-known Swiss brands, but at a more accessible price. It was an opportunity to revive an iconic brand name in the heart of Detroit, America’s iconic industrial city.


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Breitling Emergency


Available at BC Clark Downtown


Breitling has reaffirmed its pioneering role in the field of technical watches by creating the very first wristwatch with a built-in personal locator beacon (PLB). The Emergency is distinguished by numerous innovations, including a revolutionary rechargeable battery, a miniaturized dual frequency transmitter, and an unprecedented integrated antenna system.

As the first ever wrist-worn dual frequency PLB, it establishes itself as a safety and survival instrument in all distress situations on land, at sea and in the air.

Discover more of Breitling’s collections.

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