Tag Heuer: Autavia

Tag Heuer Autavia: Return of an Icon

Created in 1962, the iconic Tag Heuer Autavia, a combination of AUTomobile and AVIAtion, celebrates its 55th anniversary. Modern yet faithful to its roots, the new generation Autavia channels the spirit of the golden age of motor racing.

Much more than a reissue, the new generation Autavia embodies a respect for the authentic world of motor racing and its roots, harnessing technology to improve functionality with TAG Heuer’s signature accuracy.

The Autavia’s comeback is the result of a unique collaborative campaign — the “Autavia Cup” — held in the spring of 2016. The principle: to consult the brand’s community of fans and collectors and to talk to connoisseurs, offering them the opportunity to choose the historic model that would inspire the rebirth of the Autavia.

Autavia -$5,150

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