A FREE Gift from Faber-Castell This Father’s Day

Needing some help this Father’s Day?

Spend $100 or more on a Graf von Faber-Castell item and receive a FREE gift, while supplies last. Consider it a gift for you, while finding a gift for dad.

Free Gift with $100 purchase – Basic Black Chip ballpoint pen.

Discover the Complete Line of Graf von Faber-Castell Products

The feeling conveyed by a noble fountain pen with a gold nib remains as incomparable as ever. The fountain pens are equipped with a 18-carat gold nib. Manufacturing such a nib is an elaborate process involving over a hundred steps, most of them carried out by hand. Each nib is then ‘run in’ by hand.

The Faber-Castell Story:

The company was founded in 1761, and from the mid-19th century developed into the major manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, both graphite and color. Baron Lothar von Faber turned the humble pencil into the world‘s first brand-name writing implement.

“Inspired by selected writing instruments produced by my ancestors, I saw it as a personal challenge to rediscover these products of a past age, and to bring them up to date with timeless design and the use of modern technology. This idea took shape as the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection.”

Baron Lothar von Faber


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