May and June Employee Anniversaries


Every month we like to take a moment to recognize the men and women who keep our stores up and running. And with the summer heat about to descend on Oklahoma, we want to take a moment and say thanks to this really cool group of employees!

Without these dedicated men and women, the BC Clark world would not run nearly as smoothly as it does. We would like to publicly thank each of you for the hard work, dedication, and joy you bring to the BC Clark family each and every day. These are the May and June Employee Anniversaries!

May/June Employee Anniversaries

BC Clark Downtown

Sue Getman – 17 years
Jim Clark – 51 years
Mitchell Clark – 16 years
Nancy Hamilton – 2 years
Branden Minton – 10 years

BC Clark Penn Square

Bruce Nickel – 16 years
Hayward Rayford – 13 years

BC Clark Northpark

Shannon Kline – 2 years
Kaycee Nolting – 5 years

Downtown  |  Penn Square  |  Northpark
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