BC Clark is “Popping Up” in Midtown!


The Holiday Pop-Up Shops are popping up in Midtown again this holiday season!

If you aren’t familiar with this amazing Midtown Holiday event, you’re missing out! Each November, the corner of 10th and Hudson is transformed into a Holiday Winter Wonderland, complete with Igloo Pop-Up Shops, a Christmas Tree lot, a hot cocoa stand, coffee truck, beer garden, giant lighted Christmas Tree, visits from Santa, and a whole lot more!

This year, shoppers can visit over 40 independent shops. Shops rotate weekly through a set of geodesic domes & the tree lot is available until trees sell out.

Cw55CYSUsAAyvJZ.jpg-largeTrim Your Tree for a Great Cause!

In addition to amazing local shops, families can purchase their Christmas trees from the Bishop John Carroll School Christmas Tree lot. The lot is a parent-managed fundraiser for the school’s athletic department. Proceeds help students participate in sports programs.

The BC Clark Dome!

BC Clark is proud to be a part of this amazing event this season! As Oklahoma’s oldest family-owned business, the Holiday Pop-Up Shops were the perfect way to get involved with other local business pioneers. Who knows, perhaps several of these businesses will be able to celebrate 125 years of local business just like us!

We are honored to be hosting some pretty incredible shops throughout the duration of the Pop-Up Shops, and are ecstatic that we will be participating as a Pop-Up vendor the last week of the event.

Throughout the weeks we’ll be dropping in to feature all of the businesses in our BC Clark Dome. You can check out last week’s dome, and our current local shop by heading to our Instagram account!

Here’s What to Expect From the BC Clark Dome:

Week 1Sara Kate Studios and Louise Dean Designs

Week 1 was a HUGE success in the dome! We hosted two amazing shops, owned by a pair of incredible young entrepreneurs.

Sara Kate Studios: Owner, Stylist and Designer, Sara Kate Little

sksbw_largeSara Kate is known as a scout and stylist who specializes in props as well as interiors. Her design company defined by traditional style with a modern sensibility and is largely influenced by historical references and a love for living a collected life. www.sarakatestudios.com


Louise Dean Design: Owner and Designer, Louise Dean

LouiseOklahoma City based designer and artist Louise loves to create beautiful products from her whimsical paintings. Her original collection focuses on the artistic process. Combining hand painting, silk screening and the latest in print technology. Louise creates products that are both simple and luxurious. www.louisedeandesign.com


Week 2

Blue 7 | Just OK

1239815_10153295888335128_2058585349_nFor week 2 we are getting the privilege of hosting Blue 7, a local shop owned by Caleb Arter. Countless local businesses look to Caleb as a bit of a trailblazer for local, hip boutique shopping in OKC.

Blue Seven is more than just a place to buy products. Owner Caleb Arter strives to always value people above all else, and wants to explore new ways to connect with the artists, merchants, designers, and customers who make up our community. From that desire came Just OK, a space solely dedicated to promoting and supporting the people of Oklahoma. www.myblueseven.com

Week 3A Date with Iris

13151761_1135578166493582_6528361337431987969_nWeek 3 in the dome features a staple of the Western Avenue business district in OKC. A Date with Iris brings a fun, playful, quirky approach to flowers and gifts. Their shop is the perfect place to swing in and grab a thoughtful, stylish gift for a loved one.

Owner Kris Balaban has curated a delightful shop that strikes the perfect balance of charm and quirk! Check Iris out on Facebook and of course get down to the Pop-Up shops to experience A Date with Iris at its finest! www.adatewithiris.com

We’ll be featuring other businesses as the weeks progress!

Each week we’ll be promoting the other local shops in our dome. And on the final week leading up to Christmas, we’ll be highlighting all of the great products that we’ll be selling in the BC Clark Dome as well.

Week 4PLENTY Mercantile

Week 4 features the charming and sophisticated PLENTY Mercantile.

The purpose of Plenty Mercantile is to provide life and style products that convey a strong sense of origin, process, and authenticity. To provide goods in some way to improve the quality, experience, and need of life. To serve wholeheartedly; offering an experience that is memorable and desirable. To educate and share. To inspire creativity in thought and action. To feed the soul and stimulate the mind.  www.plentymercantile.com

Week 5For Week 5 we’ll be taking over the dome!

We’ll be unveiling an exclusive new Jingle T-Shirt, as well as many great jewelry items and Holiday gift items!

And of course there are dozens of other businesses featured in the other domes this year. Head to okcpopups.com to see a complete list and schedule from now through Christmas!

You can also follow the OKC Pop-Up Shops on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ll see you in Midtown!

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