60 Years of Jingle Stories

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle bursts into the homes and hearts of anxious Oklahomans, kicking off the biggest jewelry and fine giftware sale of the year. But over time, The Jingle has come to represent something else, too.

For many Oklahomans, near and far, it signals the start of the Christmas season with a familiar and joyful tune known around the world.

In the 60 years since The Jingle first chimed over Oklahoma’s airwaves, many memories have been made, and stories have been told. Not a year has gone by that we haven’t received numerous letters and emails from people telling us how The Jingle has touched their lives. So we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to share here on the blog.

If you get inspired, we’d love to hear your story!  Simply click here to submit yours or read all the stories submitted by others.

Some Jingle stories are old, and some are new. Some tug at the heart, while some bring about smiles and laughter. All are a treasure for their keeper and BC Clark, too.

Around the World Catching Up Tearful


And while we love hearing your stories and sharing those memories, we get get equally excited to look back on all of you singing your hearts out during the holidays.

Northpark Mall: 1983 (Your hearts were almost as big as your hair!)

Penn Square Mall: 1996 (The Christmas sweaters were out in full force!)

You can enjoy these videos and many others by going to bcclarkjingle.com

We are honored that our silly little Jingle has become such a Holiday staple in OKC and around the world. Please take some time to travel over to the website and share your story.


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