September Giveaway

$795 | Ippolita Sterling Silver Oval Link Bracelet

September GiveawaySeptember is here! Time to ignite the bonfires, throw on a sweater, and head outdoors to enjoy the changing of the season. Okay, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. It’s still 90 degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan ahead, right?

The September giveaway comes to us from Ippolita. This link bracelet will look great cozied up to your favorite sweater or team jersey. And it’s brilliant sterling will undoubtedly reflect the brilliant colors of the Fall season.

Each month we publish a new monthly giveaway. Customers can register at any of our three BC Clark locations any time during the month, quickly and conveniently from our iPad kiosk.

We will randomly select a winner and notify him or her that they have won. We will also announce the winner in our newsletter each month.

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