The Diamond Difference: Certificates and Grading Reports

The first two installments of our Diamond Difference Series have taken viewers through the diamond selection process and explained the importance that we place on a diamond’s cut. We hope that these videos have solidified our commitment┬áto bring Oklahoma only the best hand-picked diamonds.

Certificates and Grading Reports: Week 3

In Part 3 of the series, we dive into the certification and documentation of the diamonds that we deem worthy of the BC Clark promise. In this video, Certificates and Grading Reports, Coleman explains the necessity of a diamond certificate as well as the importance of what lab provides that certification.

Relying on only the most reputable labs for our diamond certification is one of many ways that BC Clark has established itself as Oklahoma’s Diamond Leader. Our relationship with Forevermark, GIA, and AGS is yet another seal of quality on the BC Clark brand.

And while we hold firm to the belief that a diamond is only as good as its grade, we also know that the certificate is just one part of the story. We know that seeing is believing, and we encourage our customers to come in and view our breathtaking collections up close and personal.

We’ve done the hard work for you by subjecting our inventory to the industry’s highest standards. Now we invite you to come in and choose the diamond that is right for you.


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