The Diamond Difference: How We Buy

We’ve put together a series of videos we’re calling “The Diamond Difference” to help you truly understand the great lengths that we go to in order to bring you only the best diamonds.

Our hope is that through this series you will come to understand why a diamond from BC Clark is different, and most often a better value than you will find anywhere else. We make the bold promise to only bring you “…the best hand-picked diamonds.” And a bold promise requires bold action.

So why are we so confident in the diamonds that we sell?

It’s because we have been intricately involved in the discovery and selection of every loose diamond and center stone that makes its way to our display cases. Buying a diamond at BC Clark ensures that you will be giving a gift of unmatched quality. It’s our promise to you. The secret lies in how we buy:

How We Buy Diamonds: Week 1

We search the major markets of the world, eliminating the middle man and going directly to the major cutting sources. We take full advantage of many decades of experience dealing directly with major diamond cutters of the world. Our volume buying power and reputation give us a unique advantage to offer you the best value possible.

So get ready! This series is going to hopefully educate and entertain. We make a lot of promises, but none are taken more seriously than our promise to provide “…only the best hand-picked diamonds.” 

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