Announcing Kate Benear

A few weeks back, we got to interview some OKC brides about their registry experience with BC Clark. As you would expect, we got a lot of comments about the quality of selections in our Life:Style Department. Brides also told us that they loved our Registry Rewards Program and that the ongoing benefits of being a BC Clark Bride were unrivaled.

But the one response that kept coming up over and over again had to do with one specific person:

  • I want to rave about Kate! She was so great. She could tell that I was indecisive, and she was super patient.
  • Kate was phenomenal!
  • Kate did a great job keeping track of everything, and eventually helping us  complete our china set.
  • Kate is so sweet! It was really great having her every step of the way.
  • I still talk to Kate all the time! She is really great with advice on quantities, brands, etc.
  • Kate did a great job helping me the through the whole process. She made it so pleasant and simple.
  • Kate was amazing. I emailed her a LOT!
  • This whole registry process has been great! I’ve kept up a relationship with Kate. I get emails from Kate when some of “my items” are on sale!

Are you seeing a trend here? It’s pretty obvious, this “Kate” is pretty amazing. And while we have always been proud of our Bridal Registry and the amazing collections that we provide in our Life:Style Department, we would be remiss if we did not take time to give credit where credit is due.

Ms. Kate Benear has taken our Registry program and turned it into something special!

And today we are excited to announce that Kate will be expanding her role at our Penn Square location. In addition to the amazing work that she has done with our Bridal Registry, Kate will now be stepping into the role of Head of the Life:Style Department for Penn Square.

We sat down and had a conversation with Kate this week as she was getting her morning started down at Penn Square. As you would expect, she was flying all over the place, answering phone calls, giving advice on inventory, and helping our sales people get the shop opened up for the morning. But she was gracious enough to slow down a bit and give us a peek into the “World According to Kate”

“I really love my work here. This department is full of things I am already into. Plus, I get to work with my mom!” Did we mention that Kate is the daughter of Terri Benear, our longtime Gifts Division Manager and Events Coordinator? Needless to say, mom is very proud!

Kate went on to tell us that she loves getting to spend time with her mom, buying for the Penn Square location and sharing in the creative process with her. She admits that she does have some favorite collections on the Life:Style floor. For Kate, it is a toss-up between the Juliska and VEITRI collections. “I love the usability and timeless look of both of those collections,” Kate told us when we twisted her arm and told her to pick a favorite.

Of course, she was the defender of the entire Life:Style department, but admits that her style has definitely influenced some of the buying, and vice versa. “If you walk into my place, you’ll definitely see a nice mix of modern and classic design. And I think that is present in our Life:Style collection as well.”

And then of course, there are the elephants. Kate has a bit of an obsession with them! If you look closely, elephant figurines dot Kate’s workspace. She also confessed to us that the pachyderms have taken over her living space!

Sitting down and talking with Kate, it is very quickly evident that she loves her work. She exudes a class and refinement beyond her years, but still brings a fresh young energy to the Penn Square location. I think my age, personal style, and interests really help me connect with the brides that come in.” As was mentioned earlier, Kate will still continue her amazing work with our Bridal Registry in addition to her duties managing the entire Penn Square Life:Style Department.

Drop by our Penn Square store and tell Kate congrats on her new position!

– But be warned, she’ll probably convince you that you need a beautiful new accessory for your home. She’s good at what she does!

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