BC Clark Jingle: A History

We don’t think we’re overstating it when we say that the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle has become a Holiday tradition here in OKC. In fact, we have folks from all over the country chiming in on Facebook to tell us that even though they have moved away from Oklahoma, they still don’t consider it the Holiday Season until they’ve heard that catchy tune. But what if we told you the version we know and love today is incomplete!

Jingle-Sheet-Music1You can read some incredibly touching (and some funny) stories about what the Jingle means to people, by going to our Jingle Stories Page. And while you’re there, you can leave a story of your own.

For those of us born after 1956, the Jingle has always been a part of Christmas. In fact, the Jingle has faithfully run on local media ever since that time. We’re convinced it is a record, but the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t have such a category! There are a few other companies out there claiming a similar title, but we feel pretty confident about our claim!

The BC Clark Jingle was first written and produced in 1956, and soon it developed a life of its own.

It is hard to find an Okie that doesn’t know the words by heart. You can stop just about anyone on the street and ask them to sing a few bars. We like to think of it as being as big of a tradition as trimming the tree or sipping cider.

But did you know that the version most of sing today has actually been edited down from the original version? Yep, that’s right. (Pick your jaw up off the floor.)

In 1977 when most commercials went from 60 seconds to 30, the Jingle had to be modified. It was originally 35 seconds long and included the line “The Christmas wish of BC Clark is to keep on pleasing you”

You can hear the original 35 second version: Here.

And now you know the REAL history of the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle. Feel free to use your new-found wisdom at plenty of Holiday parties this year. You’ll be a hit!

Or, if you really want to impress at the party this year, perhaps you should try this:

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