Giving to a Community of Faith


The BC Clark family has long held faith and family as a top priority when it comes to how we run our business.

These values were established by our founder BC Clark, Sr. and have continued through four generations. It is why we choose to be closed on Sundays, and why we continue the tradition of our church coupon program, to help give back to the community that has supported us for nearly 125 years.

When you make a purchase at any of our three BC Clark locations, ask your salesperson to provide you with a “Church Coupon,” and 3% of your purchase price will go to the local church of your choice.

Twice a year, we proudly send out checks to over a hundred local churches. The checks are designated to support the women’s ministry of the church, as B.C. Clark, Sr. intended it many, many decades ago when he developed the program.

This small gesture is just another way that BC Clark Jewelers hopes to thank you, Oklahoma, for allowing us to be your family jeweler.

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Family Friday Winner!


Congratulations to Judy McGee and Family!

This Black Friday, we honored our BC Clark Jewelers family of employees by giving them an extra paid day off to spend with family. Some might call it a bold move to close for business on a day referred to as “the biggest shopping day of the year,” but we felt it was simply the right thing to do. So, we declared Black Friday to now be renamed as Family Friday!


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BC Clark is “Popping Up” in Midtown!


The Holiday Pop-Up Shops are popping up in Midtown again this holiday season!

If you aren’t familiar with this amazing Midtown Holiday event, you’re missing out! Each November, the corner of 10th and Hudson is transformed into a Holiday Winter Wonderland, complete with Igloo Pop-Up Shops, a Christmas Tree lot, a hot cocoa stand, coffee truck, beer garden, giant lighted Christmas Tree, visits from Santa, and a whole lot more!

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December Employee Anniversaries

November Employee Anniversaries


Every month we like to take a moment to recognize the men and women who keep our stores up and running. At BC Clark, we love celebrating the loyalty and friendships that have been established among our family of employees. And as we wrap up our final month of 2016, we’d like to honor our final group of employee anniversaries. You truly are a gift to all of us!

Without these dedicated men and women, the BC Clark world would not run nearly as smooth as it does. We would like to publicly thank each of you for the hard work, dedication, and joy you bring to the BC Clark family each and every day. These are the December Employee Anniversaries!

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60 Years of the Jingle – Online Jingle Fun


In case you haven’t heard, this year marks the 60th Anniversary of our beloved BC Clark Jingle!

Since 1956, the Anniversary Sale Jingle has marked the beginning of the Holidays for thousands of Oklahomans. We’ve been told over the years that our Jingle has woven its way into the Holiday traditions of thousands of families across the state and around the world.

For many of you, the Christmas season does not officially begin until you hear the familiar melody. We receive emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls every year asking us when the Anniversary Sale Jingle is going to hit the airwaves.

Whether you live out of state, or you just don’t want to wait to catch it on the TV or radio, you can get your Jingle fix at anytime.

bcc_christmas_jingle_60-yearsWait. You didn’t know that The Jingle has its own website? No problem!

We’ll give you the overview here, so that when you’re ready to travel out to the website, you’ll be well prepared. There’s a lot to discover once you get there, and we’d hate for you to miss out on some of the features.

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Gifts That Will Live and Live


When we say that we have “Gifts that will live and live”, we really mean it!

bcc_christmas_jingle_60-yearsIt’s not just that items purchased at BC Clark Jewelers are of high quality, or that they will truly stand up against the test of time. What we really mean is that a thoughtful gift from BC Clark will help you express a sentiment that can be enjoyed year after year.

Our Life:Style department is filled with unique finds, beautifully handcrafted decor, and one-of-a-kind treasures you won’t find anywhere else in the state.

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Jewelry is the Gift to Give


You know the song. You can practically sing it in your sleep. “Jewelry is the gift to give…”

bcc_christmas_jingle_60-yearsAnd while we love the fact that everyone knows our Jingle by heart, we also want to remind everyone that it’s TRUE! Jewelry really is the best gift to give, for a number of reasons.

This time of year everyone begins scouring stores, looking for the perfect gift, that special way to say “I love you.”

May we suggest suggest a gift that will last a lifetime?

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A Family Tradition 60 Years in the Making


By now, you’ve probably seen our exciting news regarding Family Friday!

We are stepping up and making a commitment to our family of BC Clark employees. This Black Friday, all three of our locations will be closed, and we’ll be giving our staff an extra paid day of vacation to spend with friends and family.

But we also recognize that Family Friday has the potential to be MUCH bigger than just a day off for our employees. It is our hope that this special day becomes a beloved Oklahoma Holiday tradition, much like our Anniversary Sale Jingle.

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Family Friday


At BC Clark, Black Friday is now Family Friday

With over 124 years of local family leadership to our name, we feel like family is at the heart of what BC Clark represents. We are a fourth generation business, built on the principle that hard work, profit, and success are secondary to taking care of the ones we love. With that in mind, we are making a commitment to our family of employees that have made our business so successful.

Our stores will be closed this Black Friday

This Black Friday, we are honoring our BC Clark Jewelers family of employees by giving them an extra paid day off to spend with family. Many stores have decided to close on Thanksgiving Day, but we have chosen to take it one step further. Some might call it a bold move to close for business on a day referred to as “the biggest shopping day of the year,” but we feel it is simply the right thing to do.

We hope you agree, and our wish is that…
Whatever you do on Family Friday, you do it with family.

We will re-open for business on Saturday, November 26 for our biggest ever Anniversary Sale kick-off celebration, featuring ONE-DAY-ONLY bargains you won’t want to miss and a $1,000 BC Clark gift card giveaway. Our staff will be refreshed and eager to serve you with their usual over-the-top attention to your needs.

As always, we invite you to shop with us during our Anniversary Sale, but we also hope you will join us by putting family first on Family Friday.


Coleman, Mitchell, and Jim Clark

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